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First real Heads-Up Display for drones

AirHUD is a solution that, by using Augmented Reality, revolutionises the way information is shown to professional drone pilots. It is the first real HUD for drone pilots.

AirHUD visualizes vital data like drone position, direction, battery and GPS statuses in the air, where the drone is. Pilots are given a new way of understanding their surroundings, showing obstacles, enhancing night flights and eventually enabling spotterless operations.


AirHUD helps in all inspection missions and especially when visibility or distance are an issue. For example, performing a tank inspection is easier and faster as the pilot can follow live the areas that have been checked already. In a similar way, wind turbine inspection is faster and safer as the pilot always sees at what distance from the blade the drone is. Our ever expanding list of use cases include agriculture, mining, oil & gas, construction, filming and forestry sectors.

Public organizations

AirHUD is your new ally in all missions related to search and rescue, security and even defense. Situational awareness is raised to new levels, for pilots, all their team members and the command center.

See it in action

Contact our team to book demo and see how AirHUD performs in action!

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Supported platforms

DJI drone, currently supported models:

  • Matrice 300
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, RTK module also supported
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise
  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Phantom 4 Pro V2
  • Mavic Air 2

Other platforms according to client’s needs


Downloads and Documentation

The latest versions of the AirHUD applications and the documentation are available for downloading and viewing at The documentation is continuously updated with new content, so be sure to visit the website frequently. New application versions will be announced via email to the Early Access Program participants.

Please notice that Downloads and Documentation are still under progress and are currently only available for registered Early Access Program participants.