Introducing AirHUD

AirHUD is a solution that, by using Augmented Reality, revolutionises the way information is shown to professional drone pilots. AirHUD visualizes vital data like drone position, direction, battery and GPS statuses in the air, where the drone is. By using the information of the Digital Twin of the world, the pilots are given a new way of understanding their surroundings, showing obstacles, enhancing night flights and eventually enabling spotterless operations.

How Does AirHUD Work?

AirHUD transfers data from the controller display into the sky where the drone is. It is also showing relevant information about the drone and its surroundings, like live distance to the nearest buildings. Other features like flight ceiling heights, no fly zones and other vital airspace information will soon be available.

What do you need to use AirHUD?

AirHUD is first available on HoloLens 2 and supports selected DJI drones and controllers, later adding support for various other drone platforms. If you already own a supported drone and controller, you will need to obtain a HoloLens 2 headset. Download the AirHUD applications into the headset and controller, and you are ready to go!

System description:

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 Augmented Reality (AR) headset with WiFi connection, running the AirHUD application.
  • DJI Smart Controller with WiFi connection, running the AirHUD application.
  • DJI drone, currently supported models:
    • Matrice 300
    • Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, RTK module also supported
    • Mavic 2 Enterprise
    • Mavic 2 Pro
    • Phantom 4 Pro V2
    • Mavic Air 2
  • WiFi network for connection between the HoloLens and the Smart Controller. Internet connection is needed for license checking and for features like map streaming.

Join our Early Access Program!

AirHUD is available through an Early Access Program: during a set period companies included in the program can benefit from all existing features and influence the future developments. For a small contribution, you will benefit from our solution and will be part of something unique.

Let's go!

Downloads and Documentation


The latest versions of the AirHUD applications and the documentation are available for downloading and viewing at The documentation is continuously updated with new content, so be sure to visit the website frequently. New application versions will be announced via email to the Early Access Program participants.

Please notice that Downloads and Documentation are still under progress and are currently only available for registered Early Access Program participants.