We are changing the way people think about Augmented Reality in industrial environments.

Radically new and easy solution for operators of intelligent vehicles. Significant savings for industries.

AirHUD – A game changing control platform

Our first product AirHUD offers a new way of showing vital information for professional drone pilots. Using Augmented Reality, we are making mission related information easily understandable and usable. Our see-through solution raises situational awareness, enhances safety and increases business efficiency.

Flying outdoors at night or behind an obstacle will be possible with AirHUD.

What is AirHUD?

Heads up! Data where the drone is

We take you to another level of performance and to an innovative world combining Augmented Reality and drones. With this unique set up, we display critical information where the pilots need it most – in the sky, at the exact world position – allowing them to visually follow the drone and the flight information simultaneously.

We believe that experience speaks louder than words, so please get in touch – or why not join our Early Access Program right now! We will be delighted to take you through our solution.

Early Access Program

Unrivaled efficiency

Whatever the industry, we make an impact.

For drone pilots: Increased operations efficiency while never losing sight of the drone. Thanks to Augmented Reality, we display vital data like position, direction, nearest buildings allowing e.g. night operations or spotterless flights.

For industries: Significant savings on the business due to faster data gathering during inspection missions. Industries impacted include construction, energy and utilities, agriculture, logistics, city planning, emergency services etc.

For everyone: Increased safety through improved situational awareness.

Do you want to be a pioneer in your industry?

Welcome to join our Early Access Program! Now is your chance to be part of a unique project and influence the future of our product. We are looking for companies to test our new features and provide feedback. Fill in the online application!

Let's go!

Anarky Labs offers a unique way to augment reality with live data and video from drone, map and airspaces. Aviamaps shares the goal of modernizing aviation and is thrilled to join forces with Anarky Labs in this mission.

Juha LindstedtWeb Architect, CEO Aviamaps Oy

This is how it should have been done from the beginning!

Jan LindbergCEO, Partner, SkyData

Anarky Labs’ solution combines use case, safety and drone operation information into an intuitive user interface, removing the need to look down during the flight, and taking situational awareness to a whole new level.

Jonas StjernbergPartner and SVP, Robots Expert

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