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First real Heads-up Display solution for drone pilots

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How Augmented Reality Heads-Up Displays Are Transforming First Response

We’ve released a new white paper exploring the use of augmented reality (AR) technology in industrial drones can assist first responders in emergency situations. 

This white paper will explore how augmented reality can be used to help drone pilots assist in search and rescue operations, firefighting and law enforcement, making hazardous tasks faster, safer and more efficient.

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AirHUD available for Meta Quest Pro, Magic Leap 2 AND the Mavic 3 Enterprise family!

We’ve put our dev team at work! And what a leap forward in developing AirHUD for new AR glasses and drone platforms.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Meta Quest Pro! For more details, contact us at .

First real Heads-Up Display solution for drones

Groundbreaking tool for professional drone pilots, AirHUD is the first real Heads-Up Display solution for drones pilots to help them perform at their best.  AirHUD enables unprecedented situational awareness, efficient mission execution and split-second decisions on site at operation. Thanks to augmented reality, inspections, search & rescue operations and other missions in various environments are made safer, more efficient and more cost effective. With AirHUD, you increase your chances of performing crash free missions.


Public organizations

Why choose AirHUD?

Improved safety

We combine augmented reality and drones to help with search and rescue missions and aid inspection experts make the decisions that matter.

Financial savings

Our solution has proved to be essential in reducing the number of drone crashes. We also minimize the downtime in operations and reduce the staff needed to carry out the missions.

Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) flights

For search and rescue missions we allow pilots to conduct complex operations and facilitate drones to fly even beyond obstacles. This is very cost effective and has numerous applications.

Fly in low visibility conditions

Even in poor visibility conditions we allow the pilots to understand where the drone is, with confidence. This minimizes downtime in operations.

Extended Visual Line Of Sight (EVLOS) flights

For inspection and search & rescue missions we allow EVLOS flights without external observers keeping the UAV in their line of sight. Less personnel is needed for each mission resulting in cost reduction.

Team situational awareness

Situational awareness raised to totally new levels with integration of digital twins and data feeds, which results in maximized productivity and enabler of split-second security decisions for team operations.

Anarky Labs has developed a very potential platform, scalable, applicable to multitude of use case scenarios across industries and remote robotics solutions.

Andreas LangnerDirector HoloLens engineering, Microsoft

This is impressive! Let’s integrate AirHUD with our Parrot drones so that our clients can get the benefits, too.

Jérôme BouvardDirector of Strategic Partnerships, Parrot

Anarky Labs’ solution combines use case, safety and drone operation information into a whole new level.

Jonas StjenbergPartner and SVP,