Meet the team

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From left to right: Lassi Immonen (CTO), Anna Wessberg (marketing intern), Gopalkrishnan Kokkatil (senior data scientist), Émilie Cohen (CMO), Ville Ahola (software developer), Ilkka Venäläinen (Unity developer), Hannu Lesonen (CEO), Sami Rapakko (Unity developer), Jakob Andersen (Unity developer).

How Anarky Labs came to be

Founded in March 2020, Anarky Labs is a young and yet productive startup. Within a year Anarky Labs has already released their first own product, AirHUD and grown their team to nine people.

The idea came about when Hannu helped his photographer friends build and fly the early generation of drones. When piloting these drones, it became apparent that there was a real problem of data not being shown where it was needed, in the sky where the drone was. But with a background of AR / VR studies and development already from the late 90’s, Hannu realized that he could actually draw the data that the pilot needs, and that the drone can deliver, in the sky to assist in flights.

Lassi and Hannu had already done projects together in the university and were also among the founding partners of Valkeus Interactive in 2000. After Valkeus both continued on their own careers, but when the POC got exceptional reception, Hannu contacted Lassi about creating a real product around this… Lassi  agreed, and this is when it became apparent that the product would make daylight! With the combined background of fearlessly creating new products starting from a clean board, the path was clear now.

They got the HoloLens 2 in June 2020 and within only two months they already had the prototype flying! The progress after that has been phenomenal, making Anarky Labs a real revolutionary.