AirHUD uses

Our solution in a nutshell

Our first product AirHUD offers a new way of showing vital information for professional drone pilots. Using Augmented Reality, we are making mission related information easily understandable and usable. Our see-through solution raises situational awareness, enhances safety and increases business efficiency.

Wind power

Stay ahead of  potential maintenance issues

With AirHUD, inspecting wind power turbine has never been more accurate and safe. Our system, combining augmented reality and drones, helps performing inspections by displaying large see through hologram videos and maps, even at great distance. The pilot has a clear understanding of the situation. Decision making is then made easy and maintenance downtime reduced.

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Search & rescue

Get missing people into safety faster

The mission can continue even in the dark​ and the pilot can fly confidently over forest canopy and clearings. The command center can send search area markers to the pilot and with the person showing in the thermal feed makes it easy to find them with the drone.  Locations can be pinpointed and then shared to other team members using AirHUD.

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Oil and gas

Perform missions in hazardous environment

Operating according to stringent standards to keep equipment running efficiently while maintaining workplace safety is made easier with AirHUD. Drone pilots can inspect oil and gas platforms from distance and with greater precision, with the help of augmented reality. They have feeds from thermal cameras right in front of them as well as other key elements that increase situational awareness.

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Keep a precise view of your crop

Whether for aerial photography, agricultural mapping, or drone-based inspections, AirHUD makes all the above easier, faster and more precise with the combination of drone use and augmented reality. For example, drag and drop 3D species of trees and get a precise overview of an area or export the 3D models as a reference for estimating the growth of your crop.

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Know precisely where to dig

Drones enable mining companies to generate aerial terrain models of the inventory and AirHUD can also help you in underground missions with the help of augmented reality. Operators can easily visualise with floating panels the digging maps and decide where to head next. This means better and faster ways of working.

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Inspect construction sites with more safety and precision

Using augmented reality AirHUD offers you a way to conduct building inspections without physically being there. This keeps you from hazardous situations and with multiple users inspecting with drones simultaneously, this means significant savings in time and finances.

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Get the maximum efficiency in security missions

For surveilling factories, power plants or industrial sites drones are perfect to facilitate regular perimeter inspection. AirHUD makes the missions even easier with Augmented Reality used outdoor. It enables flying at night or behind an obstacle. Our see-through solution raises situational awareness, enhances safety and increases efficiency.

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